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Unstoppable University is  a mastermind community platform, online accountability tool, and resource hub geared towards like-minded women seeking to become Unstoppable regardless of their current situation.

The premise behind unleashing the Unstoppable-you is that building a successful business, life, and career isn’t just about what you know, but who you are accountable to. 


No matter how smart you are, how much talent you have, or how hard you grind at your goals, you simply cannot do it alone. You can attempt to, but it will take you much longer than if you connected yourself with the right people who can hold you accountable.

That’s why this unique program mixes coaching with access to those “inaccessible” people in various industries who can help you get the results you want super-fast.

Join Shelly as she helps you ‘Get ready for the get ready and unleash the Unstoppable-you today!

We are a recruitment solutions agency specializing in healthcare, government, financial services, construction & transportation. When you select us to be your recruiting agency, our focus will be to help you make quality hires quickly and at the lowest possible cost to you. We know you have other agencies to choose from, but we believe through our passion, outstanding service, industry experience and attention to detail, both the client and candidate are able to enjoy the hiring process.






Cohort of individuals that are beginners in the speaking game, those aspiring to get past fears, those needing confidence in the board room and in their meetings/presentations, etc!!! Shelly has been trained & coached by the best— Eric Thomas, Global Motivational Speaker, CJ Quinney, & Kendall Ficklin.  ASA is for those aspiring to take their careers to the next level using presentation delivery, public speaking, & idea generation. You will have access to a private Facebook Cohort. 


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